(c) 2021. Work installation by Chiara Campanile; Photo by Jorit Aust


Chiara Campanile: COLOROGRAPHY
2021, Site-specific Installation

Color is everywhere, it defines our reality. I find fascinating how many fields of knowledge this topic touches; we can consider wavelength and frequency, we can focus on the eye´s anatomy, talk about the color wheel, the density of acrylic, or the emotions that it triggers.
They are all aspects of the same thing and with the same importance, entwined into each other, but which we tend to separate into different fields of knowledge. Color is a place where each discipline has something to say to the other, and where there is the potential to strengthen the overlapping rather than the closedness of each field.
It is a living fluid system, as an environmental factor and habitat. Through color, I want to bring attention to human and non-human vision and perception, to different ways of living and to its necessity as a matter of life and survival.

Fact Box

June 23, 2021