(c) 2021. Work installation by Anna Teglassy; Photo by Jorit Aust

THINKING WITH GARDENING (gardening with thinking)

Anna Teglassy: THINKING WITH GARDENING (gardening with thinking)
2021, Site-specific Installation

What started as a gardening manual, grew into a site specific installation; a vertical garden, where seeds are planted on hanging layers under each other. Garden, with its heterogeneity and complexity, is an excellent place to discover ourselves, nature and the relation in between. It comes alive as a planting-labor, which provides a safe environment, a multilevel scene for experimenting experience. It is a continuous setting up with caring plants as a daily routine. Every phase of the evolution has it’s own right and creates the final picture of the process. In this co-production, where the development is determined by the local conditions, plants and gardener take equal role. It merges abstract and functional levels to represent the route from seedling through sprouting to the “end result”: the becoming of a thought.

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THINKING WITH GARDENING (gardening with thinking)
June 23, 2021