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Photography: Marina Rebhandl, Design by Rosie Benn and Rafael Lippuner (c) 2018

The Landing is on Friday

Event of speculative ecology in Transcarpathia

Well, how do you welcome an Alien?
And who or what is your Alien?

The Aliens might be an invasive species, but what does this mean? Could a new road or climate change be an invasive species? What about tourists? Or money? Or the market price of one cubic meter of snow? Is the dung beetle who ate your broccoli – or the broccoli itself – invasive? Are these invasive species our allies? We have to find out what their landing means for the present future!
* In ecology, the term invasive species is used to describe entities that spread beyond their native range, not necessarily harmful, but a serious test to the local balance. (Jeschke and Strayer, 2005)

* Technoscience and technoculture colonizes unknown worlds with aliens. The landing zone is a place for de-colonization. A place for dealing with the thick presence or past of the landscape; the future is postponed. Participate in and contribute to decolonizing generational practices, in a state of responsive attentiveness. (Donna Haraway, 2009)

What can the Aliens expect?
A symposium together with trees and ruins, in the middle of the landing zone. A joint venture to incubate ourselves together with the Aliens. Planting a forest of experiments on speculative ecology with art, talks, workshops, music, theatre, food, interventions, beverages, … We call for ideas – everything that feels welcoming and helps to find out more about the Aliens.
We invite you to conjure, speculate and play …

Where and when?
The landing zone is around Nyzhnje Selyshche, Ukraine.
More specific information to be announced.
21–23 September 2018, Friday 16:00 to Sunday 16:00
For inquiries or to RSVP:

Fact Box

The Landing is on Friday
September 21, 2018, 16:00h
Nyzhnje Selyshche