About - Franz  Kainberger

Dr. Prof. Franz  Kainberger


Medical University of Vienna

Dpmt. of Diagnostic Radiology


Computational Image Analysis and Radiology


He published 207 scientific papers in international and national scientific journals and 63 books or book chapters as an author or co-author. He has been involved in various activities of national and European scientific associations. Currently, he is serving as President of the Austrian Society of Radiation Protection and as Treasurer of the Medical Society of Vienna. Since 2005, he is co-editor of the CME section of the journal “Der Radiologe” issued by Springer publishers. Main research interests are in the field of musculoskeletal radiology (with rheumatology, sports medicine, and orthopaedic oncology) and in computer-assisted radiology.He is member of the Austrian Society of Roentgenology (member of the Executive Committee from 1998 – 2004) and of the European Society of Radiology.


Link: http://www.cir.meduniwien.ac.at/kainberger/


Franz  Kainberger