About - Gyula Gajdon

Dr. rer. nat. Gyula K. Gaydon
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Messerli - Research Institute

Gyula Gajdon is senior scientist and head of the Kea Lab at the Messerli Research Institute. He studied zoology at the University of Zurich, did a documentary film on primate behaviour, and received his doctoral degree from the ETH Zurich for a thesis on chicken behaviour before he stated to establish field and lab research on kea for the University of Vienna in 2001.

Gyula Gajdon’s main research interests are how animals explore, innovate and learn about their non-social environment and the impact of environmental conditions, sensorimotor development and social settings.

Link: http://www.vetmeduni.ac.at/messerli-en/science/kognitionsforschung/kea-cognition/staff/guyla-k-gajdon/?L=2


Gyula Gajdon