About - MedAustron 

2020 – 2021

The students of the first year of the Art & Science master program 2020/2021 will develop their projects on the basis of this year's cooperation with our research partner MedAustron. This center for ion therapy and research, is located in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. The particle accelerator there, developed in close cooperation with CERN for medical applications in irradiation rooms, generates the particle beam necessary for treatment and research. In the synchrotron, a circular accelerator with a circumference of about 80 meters, the particles are accelerated to their final speed of about 2/3 of the speed of light.
In developing their individual project work, students will deal with questions of medicine, physics, politics, technology and philosophy that arise from discussions with experts and their own research.

Thematically, we are building on our earlier collaboration with CERN and HEPHY (Institute for High Energy Physics) in Vienna, in which the exhibition "Circuit Training – A foray into the world of the Large Hadron Collider" was realised in 2017.

Students are asked to develop their project work through excursions, talks, Roundtable presentations and the project support tutorials. This also includes choosing, planning, conceptulalising and producing their collective end of year presentation (exhibition/workshop/conference/publication/website...format to tbd).

Depending on space, the MedAustron project is open to interested students from all years but you can only receive ECTS if it is your Master’s project.