(c) Work by Monica LoCascio, 2018. Press Photo by NHM

The Great Wall

The Great Wall, inspired by the term the cosmic web, represents six slices of the astoundingly large BOSS Great Wall — a recently discovered collection of over 800 galaxies said to be the largest structure ever found in our universe. The installation explores how structure is formed in outer space. The galaxies are all millions of miles apart, and yet they are holding onto each other. They are connected. At approximately 4 billion light years from earth, it is too far away to be measure by visual light and  therefore has never been “seen”, only made “visible” through the collection of radio data. Just as when the startling Deep Space images were made by pointing the Hubble telescope at a seemingly dark piece of sky, the BOSS great wall was found in the darkness of outer space.


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The Great Wall
June 19, 2018