About - Golnaz Bashiri

Golnaz Bashiri is a Freelance Multidisciplinary Artist who has worked independently in the underground way in Tehran-Iran.
 Since 2013 she has examined experimental ways to conquer the social-political limitations in her unique solitude (limitations which are major blocks to access to wide range of audiences in the usual way).
She is seeking out the solutions through to form a mutual communication with viewer by Artwork. She has tried to step beyond of the conceptual boundaries and stablished structures with the purpose of confirmation the role of presence of viewer on the persistence of Art and Artist as a creator of that.
Due to her academic education in Drama (BA.Set and Costume Design from Faculty of Art and Architecture in Azad University Central Tehran Branch in 2011) and her experiences in the theatrical employments Since 2008, she has adopted her own style.
She has chosen the theatrical context of Body, Place and Text and she has combined these basic elements with her own style to use the 3D Installation (which consist of Sound, Light, Video, Textile) for representing two-sided relation between Audio-Visual Medias and Viewers. Golnaz reestablishes the new research center for herself by studying MA.Art &Science in angewandte University of Applied Arts in Vienna-Austria.
Nowadays she investigates the methods of having common healing with viewer similar Therapeutic Activities through the Aesthetic elements such as forms, colors, phoneme and etc.



Golnaz Bashiri

Photos – Running on Boarders

(c) Work by Golnaz Bashiri
Photos by Ivonne Gracia Murillo