About - Barbara Macek

Barbara Macek, born in Bruck/Mur, Austria, studied psychology in Vienna with focus on psychopoetology. As an author she published short stories and poems in Austrian, German and Swiss literary magazines and anthologies. In 2006 her novel "sehen & nicht sehen" was published by the Viennese publisher Czernin. She received several state grants for her literary projects, most recently a scholarship for literature 2017.

In July 2017 she was a contributor at the conference "Produktive Äquivalenz" in Berlin and gave a talk about metaphors in medicine. Since October 2017 she works as a tutor at the Medical University of Vienna within a transdisciplinary project to develop new ways of anamnesis.

Her current Art &Science-project at the intersection of medicine, mythology, philosophy and poetry explores the cause and meaning of autoimmunity.




Barbara Macek

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